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March 25, 2014

NOW @ the Whitney.....

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weller "sicard" pottery.....

Sicard pottery produced by the Weller company in
Zanesville, Ohio - released in 1903- has a very interesting history.

Mr. Weller was famous for not treating his artists terribly well - notorious
for stealing their work with little compensation.  One French artist he
engaged to produce a metallic line to simulate the fashionable Tiffany glass
outsmarted him.  Jacques Secard agreed to produce a line he was producing
in France called Reflets Mettaliques (metallic reflects) ONLY if he was
given a private studio and could bring along his trusted assistant.  Mr. Weller
agreed - BUT - Mr. Sicard shortly realized that small holes had been drilled in
the wall of his studio to spy on him in an attempt to learn his formulas.....

.....this underhanded scheme caused Mr. Sicard to abandon the
production in 1907 and not renew the original 5 year contract and
back to France he and his assistant went.....

.....the production process used mold fabricated shapes - the vase
was glazed by adding little silver and copper oxide chips followed
by a second firing and a layer of very hand intensive hand work.....

the "rolls royce" of glaze.....

click HERE for a very interesting video on
Jacques Sicard.....  I'm smitten!

March 18, 2014

scheurich pottery.....

......i confess - i am a bit of a pottery nut.  i LUV the material in it's
many forms.  the shapes, the glazes, the textures - grabs something
inside me.....

i recently acquired the above 24"H vessel at auction which peeked
my curiosity.  the hunt scene was interesting and the black and green
glaze too succulent to resist.  it's a 1968 west german piece from the
Scheurich factory.

.....in 1927 Alois Scheurich established a company to distribute
low cost ceramics and glass.  The success of this distribution company
lead to the formation of the ceramic factory in 1954.  The factory has
been in continuous production.

.....look at those crazy chickens and that incredible
orange glaze!

.....the above piece is coming up at auction later this month and
oooooo how i desire to gaze upon it's loveliness in person!  :)

March 17, 2014

classical gem....

.....there is nothing like a bit of mahogany sliced up and turned
into an incredible classical gem of a wardrobe.....  for offer at
Jonathan Burden - NYC
look at that crown!

happy st. patrick's day!

February 17, 2014

February 16, 2014

greenwich village in the snow.....

.....cold isn't my friend but the snow that has been blanketing the city
over the past week has transformed the village into a winter wonderland.....

....the waverly inn

.....this last view just took my breath away - the sun was just
breaking through the snow covered trees in the early morning....


February 6, 2014

julije knifer @ mitchell-iness & nash.....

opening is 6 - 8pm tomorrow......

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February 3, 2014

furniture PORN.....

.....does a piece of furniture ever make your heart skip a beat?
this one did it for me!

Louis XVI ormolu mounted porphyry center table
for offer at Le Trianon in Sheffield, MA

France - 18th century.....

.....look at those LEGS!

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February 2, 2014

Sol LeWitt @ Pace - NYC.....

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January 30, 2014

park avenue winter antique show.....

.....in full swing - this year's Winter Antique Show
doesn't fail to impress and inspire.....

.....first to catch my eye was an incredible oil on canvas for 
offer at Associated Artists of Southport, CT by modern master 

"Mountain and Lake" signed and dated 1962 (42" X 50")
provenance:  the artist / estate of the artist / the Milton Avery Trust

hurry - it's still available at 1.8 million

a sumptuous pair of wall brackets - American, c. 1820 for offer
at Hirschl & Adler Gallery here in NYC.....

85K for the pair

.....most familiar dealer faces were absent - i'm certain at home
napping in preparation for the Young Collector's Night
BUT - i found one friendly soul - chatted a bit about
his offerings when suddenly my supersonic hearing kicked in.

i lost all focus.....

a pair of Park Avenue's well-heeled set had moved into hearing
range - let's call them Mrs. Ruby and Mrs. Emerald, 
each bejewled respectively.....

Mrs. Ruby:  "Bill and I have decided to live simply in our 
old age.  I'm down to one maid.  Of course we kept the 
gardeners and Bill's driver."

Mrs. Emerald:  "It must feel so freeing!"  


refocus!!!  :)

.....always one of my favorite dealers - Hostler Burrows' display hit
all my buttons!

.....my pick of the show - hands down - the above Wendell Castle
 floor lamp for offer at R 20th Century

available at 300K

i must confess i had this floor lamp on my mind aaaaalll 
the way home.....  

January 25, 2014

julije knifer opening.....

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January 22, 2014

ziggy chen - S/S 2014.....

.....i want to chuck out my entire wardrobe and buy
the full spring / summer collection!

.....not sure i can pull off the skirt - BUT.....

.....i'm going shopping!!!!!

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